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This blog is for all you back home to be able to easily follow me on my mission and read about all my adventures. I will try to keep this as up to date as possible with pictures and stories. I can't wait to share this wonderful experience with you. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I just got the recipes on thursday thank you. Yes that was for the shirt and a couple other little things. The backpack got stolen when I got robbed. I didn´t want to tell you but yeah... No The backpack is fine ha ha. I use it for district meetings and sundays when I have to carry a lot. Other wise I use something small cause I don´t like to carry much. For the package the same kinda stuff. Seasoning packets. a lot of them. Other than that I can´t really think of anything. What did the other lifeguards say? My new companion is pretty cool. He is really chill and a really good teacher. Its nice cause he knows spanish perfectly and english perfectly.

In all honesty this week was pretty boring. I was spending most of the time showing my comp the area and we did a lot of knocking doors. We did set a goal of five baptisms this transfer though. We had a branch activity on Friday and I made delicious tacos that everyone loved. Thank you mom for teaching me how to cook. It is such a huge blessing. This week I have been the most tired I have ever been in my entire life. The work is good and I know it is true. It is so cool to be able to say I am a mission of God. I made a cake for the kids of one of our converts for his baptism cause his mom didn´t know how. Fun moment of the week was I taught a bunch of super drunk guys that were in love with my hair. It was the most hilarious time I have ever spent in anyones house. This last week was really difficult but I know where there are diffuculties there are blessings right around the corner. So things will get better. Today I played soccer and went to walmart. It was a good day. I then made the most delicous chicken rice and potatoes. My pension loves me cause I can make super good food. That is about all for this week. I love you all.

Elder Day

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